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 The vast majority of the work shown here has been produced in time set aside from my normal profession as an illustrator. The Asian images are the result of a general fascination with the area's culture, particularly the island of Bali in Indonesia. As I became aware of the work of European artists working in Bali in the first half of the 20th century such as Spies, Hofker,Nieuwenkamp etc, so they exerted a growing influence on my own work, particularly their combination of mystery and exotic beauty.
The use of gold painted surfaces in Bali and Thailand has led to work in the "Gold" section of this website which have a strong influence of Gustave Klimt, an artist who was himself influenced by Asian art.
The digital pieces are montages using personal photography from numerous visits to S E Asia over the years or are a collage of found pieces of material etc combined with my own photography and other graphic elements.
I have been working since 1981 as an illustrator based in the UK, painting over 400 book jacket illustrations for most major UK and USA publishers. An illustrated monograph entitled "Mark Harrison's Dreamlands" was published in 1990 by Paper Tiger. I have exhibited my work in Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, New Orleans and various galleries in London and have sold over 30 paintings to collectors in the USA. My work regularly appears in the annually produced book of the best in Contemporary Fantastic Art entitled "Spectrum" published by Underwood Books in the USA and have an illustrated entry in "The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators" published by The Antique Collector's Club in 1994. I also had work included in the "Realms of the Mind: British Fantasy Art and Illustration" auction at Sotheby's London in October 1997.

 Contact Mark Harrison at "" or tel. + 441273 747 006 in the UK